THE ESSENTIALS: What to eat when you can't decide and you have zero energy

THE ESSENTIALS: What to eat when you can't decide and you have zero energy

Don't even act like you've never been here. Maybe you had too much fun last night, maybe you're addicted to something on Netflix and you don't wanna take off your comfy clothes, or maybe you just don't feel too good and you don't really feel like moving. Either way, when hunger strikes and you find yourself in this quandary; TheSizzle wants to ease your sorrows and hunger. 

I'd like to divulge that as I write this, I'm currently in this sitch. I don't feel good, I'm not sick but I just plain 'ole don't feel good and I for once don't feel like cooking. 

Here are my go to places: 

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The non-foodie foodie post, aka #brokentummies

Howdy amigos!

In the daze that is wedding planning, working at a grown up job and maintaining some semblance of and MainSqueeze have developed #brokentummies. MainSqueeze spent the last weekend in Memphis at a BBQ competition/bachelor party, so his blood and internal organs are literally 99% smoked meats and beer. 

Then there's me. When TheSizzle is stressed, my stomach basically forgets how to be a stomach and decides that it hates anything and everything I put into it. It's not awesome. At all. 

So....Sunday evening as MainSqueeze and I sat clutching our #brokentummies, we decided something needed to happen, and fast. So the girl who loves food, and her food loving fiancee are doing a juice cleanse. Starting tomorrow. For three days. THREE days. The amount of HANGRY-ness will be off the charts. We might not survive. But maybe our mission to #healbrokentummies will be a success? I'll let you know. 

The Skinny on the "cleanse":

-I am not doing this to lose weight. Nor is MS. We both just need a few days of nothing but green thangs and fruit and water. 

-We decided to go with Squeezed Houston, and will be picking up our juice tomorrow morning.  We are doing the 3 day cleanse with almond milk. 

-I am scared. I get very very HANGRY and I have to interact with humans at work....recipe for disaster? Yes. But if it's a recipe to #healbrokentummies then I'll take it. 

Have you ever done this craziness? Let me know your thoughts.... I'll keep y'all posted since typing will hopefully distract me from eating my fingers in desperate attempts for food. 

May the Pax Be With You. Seriously.

Greetings Sizzlings! Happy Monday... I know right? Those 2 words just don't mesh. 

I spent a lovely weekend in the country with MainSqueeze and ate some delightful treats. 

Speaking of delightful treats, you need to know about a new treat in Houston. Pax Americana

We had a reservation for Thursday night, and my entire week was spent in anticipation. We were a party of 7, so they offered to serve us family style; which is one of my favorite ways to eat. 

Here's the rundown of the #nomz. Photos will be below as well. Highly recommend, the staff was super knowledgeable and accommodating, and I love the general vibe of the place. I'll definitely be back. 

(Dishes in BOLD are TheSizzles faves from the meal): 

Beverage of choice: Evening Land Blue Label Pinot Noir by the glass and the Smoked Old Fashioned. REALLY tasty cocktail with a delightful drunken cherry as a garnish. 


Farm Fresh Eggs, scallion kimchi aioli, chilies, herb salad, purple barley

Grilled Honeydew Melon, hazelnut vinaigrette, thyme honey, feta

(not featured on the online menu) Baby carrots cooked in general amazing fashion with some hints of curry and candied nuts. PHENOMENAL. I could eat these with every meal. Call me Bugs Bunny. 

(Also not on the online menu) Pan seared tile fish with a magical beurre blanc sauce and root veggies. Honestly, some of the best fish I've had in Houston to date. 

(not online either) Enormously humongous ribeye, cooked medium rare. I love steak, and I love slicing my steak instead of hacking into it like a rabid wolf. The spices on the steak were on point, but I think it could use a little work on the sear. STILL  a great cut of meat. 

Brisket, nine spice, potatoes, soured cream, black garlic, sweet onions

Sanguinaccio Fritters, horchata ice cream, lemon curd, candied pecans

Chocolate Custard, bittersweet chocolate hazelnut cookie, lemon mint sherbert

***Please excuse the quality of the photos, it was super dark and I was too hungry to get technical!***

carrots. dreamy dreamy carrots.

carrots. dreamy dreamy carrots.

grilled honeydew

grilled honeydew

amazing amazing tile fish

amazing amazing tile fish

Please excuse our friend "guau's" obscene hand gesture photo bomb,...

Please excuse our friend "guau's" obscene hand gesture photo bomb,...

chocolate filled thangs

chocolate filled thangs

And there you have it, a new "must go" in Houston. We're so lucky to have this burgeoning food scene, And now I'll be getting back to the treadmill...

NEXT UP: music, recipes, recommendations and more!