GRANOLA. Who knew?

Hey kids... It's been a WHILE. Life has been wild for the past few months, but there is light at the end of this whirlwind tunnel. More updates on that to come. 

For now, I have a LONG overdue post about some amazing #nomz I had the pleasure of tasting recently. 

I've been a Granola fan since childhood, it was considered a "treat" in my house, and I remember loving when it got a little soggy in my almond milk... yes I was raised by food tyrants who made me shoot wheatgrass before kindergarten and take a tablespoon of freshly grated horseradish for my sinuses... right?

I got to chat with Nekisia Davis, owner and creator of Early Bird Foods & Co. She is a #girlboss who has some awesome things to say, and while she's in NYC, I think we'd totally get along in person. 

early bird granola

I got to taste 2 different flavors of her goods and DAMN. Her granola needs to be re-branded. CRACK-ola. I had to pry a bag out of my fiending husband's hands on several occassions, and there have been subsequent moments where I catch him in the kitchen mouth open, DUMPING the contents of each cute little delicious pouch into his mouth... So it passed with flying colors in the Sizzle House! 

That being said, I got the chance to do a little Q&A with Nekisia and got a little more insight on EarlyBird and what it means to her. Her stuff is seriously good and made with yummy natural ingredients. I promise you won't grow a third arm from eating this stuff. 

Q: What inspired you to start Early Bird? What were some of your biggest roadblocks and victories?

A: Early Bird was a total accidental company (although I guess in the big/mother earth picture there are no accidents)! A friend suggested I try to make my own granola one day, I tried, it was DELICIOUS, everyone else thought so, I had a friend opening up the Bklyn Larder (amazing food/provisions store) who said to make a label and she’d put me on the shelf. It really was kind of a whirlwind. Largest roadblocks were starting and running a company with no previous experience in business. I mean, I knew how to cook and how to take care of people. But running a company?? I’m learning every day.

Q: TheSizzleHouston is really into supporting small biz and entrepreneurs. What advice would you give to aspiring business owners? What to do and what NOT to do?

A: Don’t do it! No, I’m kidding. But really, it’s so fucking hard. Know that going in and also just keep on going and going. Get credit for your cash flow and pay people on time. And take care of the ones that work for you - they’re the most important. And also, TRAVEL A LOT.

Q: Do you have a mantra? A lucky charm? A weird ritual? Something that helps you when you’re stressed (i.e. a certain routine, etc.)

A: I meditate every morning so that generally takes a bit of the edge off. I try to imagine myself on the top of a mountain pretty frequently….you know, queen of it all? That helps me remember my strength, my pride, my self love. It’s all about that self love.

Q: Why granola? Any plans to expand in the future and make more delicious treats?

A: See question above. I mean it maybe could have been anything! We make bars right now and maybe maybe maybe are diving into a couple of other breakfast options this year (hint: there will be peaches and maybe cream).

Q: What sets Early Bird apart? This can be ingredient based/theory based/brand/beliefs, etc. What makes you, you?

A: Oh, this one is easy. We use olive oil and salt and season our granola the way EVERYTHING should be seasoned in this life, but little actually is. And I think we have a very dynamic but simple flavor that is super approachable. And I really love everyone that works for me and everyone that buys granola from me. So I guess, gratitude sets us apart, too? I try to really make sure everyone has the most kick ass granola possible.

Q: Who is your spirit animal?

A: Oh boy this one changes. Earlier this year is was a sea turtle, you know, moving slowly with wisdom, going with the flow, not fighting what is put in front of me. I think right now it might be a wolf or some kind of strong and powerful animal that can exert some serious fight but still has the ability to be extremely serene.

Q: Favorite restaurants? Favorite meal?

A: Easy. Franny’s and Diner and Marlow & Sons and Roman’s. Oysters, steak, bubbly.

Q: What does a quick snapshot of a weeks-worth of meals look like for you? What’s in your grocery bag?

A: Coconut yogurt, whatever fruit is in season, always bananas, so many eggs, bacon, avocado, squid, greens, canned tuna, skirt steak, whole chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, leeks, fresh dill and parsley, baby potatoes, canned tomatoes, butter, olive oil, kosher salt, and a shitload of cat and dog food.

I mean she had me at steak & bubbly..amIright? 

Early Bird is available at Central Market, so go on our and getcha some! Seriously. It's delish!