Who:Mad/Mads but NOT Maddy. (Short for Madeleine, but no one really ever spells it correctly, so I'll make it easy on you...you're welcome).

Vintage Mads and my ever present love of having millions of bracelets on.

Vintage Mads and my ever present love of having millions of bracelets on.

I'm a native Houstonian who fell in love with Nashville when I lived there in college. Nashville brought out the creative side in me, so I decided to quit the idea of being a lawyer and follow my dreams. My path has been curvaceous to say the least, but I knew the Law & Order lifestlye wasn't going to cut it for me; grad school didn't cut it for me, teaching didn't cut it for me and the list goes on. But hey, leave no stone unturned, right?

TheSizzle is my umpteenth attempt at blogging, and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I hope to. It's my baby, I hope you like her. It's not nice to be mean to babies. (But seriously.)

Because: Because of dreams. Because I think every guy, girl, dog, cat, etc. should be who they want to be and live fearlessly. Will I talk about fashion? Duh. Will I tell you what I think is important? For sure. Will I bombard your faces with awesome things to do in Houston and other places? But of course.

TheSizzle is my life in notes, photographs, soapbox speeches, and experiences. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you'll hate it. Either way I hope you take something away from it. I think we can all take a little something from our neighbors; the world's a better place with variety and of course...sizzle.

I love: La Croix sparkling water. Running outside. Bluetooth wireless speakers. Live music. Vanilla Lattes. Wedge heels.

Not so much: The potholes on Shepherd. The absence of Blanco's. Galleria traffic. Raw onions. Days with 1 million percent humidity.

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