Sizzle Series: EAT

Hey kids!

Second installment of #TheSizzleSeries is here! I’ll jump right in as there’s lots to cover.

EAT is the name of the game.

Eat is broad, so you probably don’t know where I’m going with this. Hold tight.

What I mean by “eat” is that I think a lot of us are becoming less mindful about what we put into our bodies daily, and get caught at the work Happy Hour eating curly fries that taste like old grease and old shoes.

While there is an ever growing healthy eating movement all around us, being truly mindful is easier said than done.

In the last few months, I’ve totally lost control of my eating habits. I’ve been super awesome about meal prepping for 3 weeks at a time, and then I’m off the wagon eating random crap for a week.

We also waste a ton of food. I’ve been very guilty of this in the past since I’m a germophobe and won’t eat leftovers older than 2 days old. My grocery trips have started to take some shape. I plan, really think about what to eat, how much of it are we going to eat, and then I triple check my kitchen to make sure I don’t double purchase something. (I have like 10 bottles of oregano…)

So, first I’ll run down some points on mindful eating, and then we’ll talk about the fun stuff.


I recently read a super cool article from my favorite food mag, Bon Apetit about environmentally friendly foods. (You can read it here). Basically, it’s a very well balanced approach, nothing extreme, but it’s good for someone who is taking small steps to change the way they eat. Really good read.

-Try to plan your weekly menus. If you’re super busy/hate to cook/can’t cook/don’t have any time, then plan our where you’ll be eating, if you’ll be picking up etc. in order to avoid wolfing down Shipley’s donuts at the office and feeling like garbage 20 minutes later. Here are some links to articles and charts that can help with meal planning. (Here, here, here and here).

-If you cook at home, pick a day to get your stuff together for the week. Make your oatmeal, boil your eggs, stew your stew, roast your veggies and have some handy healthy snacks. I also do a bi-weekly panty/fridge clean out to avoid nasty old stuff piling up.

-Buy your spices in the bulk section! I can’t even tell you how shocked I was when I started doing his. HEB and Central Market have bulk spice sections where you can buy baggies of what you need for PENNIES compared to the little jars we’re used to buying. I bought a ton of cinnamon sticks for the holidays and I think my total was under 2 dollars, whereas the little jar of McCormick cinnamon sticks had about 3 sticks for double to price. This is a big space/money saver.

-While Costco is amusing and overwhelming, make sure you really plan these visits. Produce and eggs are great finds there, as is their wine selection and large bags of almonds, pecans and pistachios. I also think Costco is great for their meat and cheeses, but make sure you’re able to put it all to use.

-Make sure you buy/cook stuff you’re actually going to like! That’s so important. Sometimes I try to trick myself by cooking something I usually never eat, then it sits in the fridge staring me down and eventually goes to waste.

I could go on, but this is a good starting point. If you’re trying to be healthier/lose weight, then there are added steps about curbing cravings, really thinking about eating that cookie, and avoiding refined/processed foods. But I’m sure you already knew that!

Now for the fun.

There are several restaurants that I have fallen in love with recently, and some that are still on my “to-do” list.

Let’s start with new faves:

Foreign Correspondents:

Part of the bomb group at Treadsack, this place has recently become me and Mr. Sizzle’s new favorite. It’s so reasonably priced, the food has been so so fresh every time, the staff is super accommodating and knowledgeable and I can’t get enough of the whole fried tilapia or Kha Soi.

Kha Soi... insane. Homemade noodles FTW

Kha Soi... insane. Homemade noodles FTW

Whole fried tilapia.... #dream

Whole fried tilapia.... #dream

I have yet to go for brunch, but it’s happening for sure. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here. The crispy fried herbs are a great starting place, the fish/pork sauce is really well seasoned and gives you that sweet/salty/sour punch that I so love. Even dessert was awesome: coconut ice cream topped with fun crunchy puffed rice and a tamarind sauce. Go with a group so you can order one of everything and thank me later!

Coconut ice cream "sundae"

Coconut ice cream "sundae"

Les Baget:

I’ve mentioned it before, and the fact that it’s walking distance to my house is even better. Their banh mi are delicious, and their pho, while not what I’m usually used to, has a different depth of flavor and darker color that definitely works for me.  I am also obsessed with their fresh coconut water.

Pho with filet

Pho with filet

State of Grace: 

I went for lunch for the first time, and while it's a little "sceney" (don't go if you're not in the mood to run into people you know), it was delicious. Service was a tad slow, but it was hella busy. We got the burrata and pistachio starter that was fantastic, and then onto main courses. Cobb salad, the burger (#NOMCITY) and a chicken sandwich which I didn't get a photo of. Overall, great spot, beautiful bar and I will be going back for oysters and to try the other interesting menu items. 

Cobb salad with shrimp

Cobb salad with shrimp

Burger with a fried oyster topper

Burger with a fried oyster topper

So there are my recent new go-tos. However there are plenty more to try. Over the next week and a half,  I'll be crossing the following off the list: 

 Helen Greek Food & Wine: which is supposed to be fantastic. Photos and a review to come. 

Fung's Kitchen: Still can't believe I've never been here. Cannnnot wait for some magical dim sum. 

The Dunlavy: I hear the views are insane and the food is great. I'll fill y'all in. 

Black and White:  I've heard several interesting things about B&W and am excited to see for myself!

Next week I'm jetting off to Telluride, CO for some R&R, skiing and hopefully some fun food adventures! I will be instagramming, so keep in touch folks!

As always,