Spring Cleaning = Blacking Out

Confession #93857 ( do you see a trend here? If this is your first time reading, then you'll just have to see). 


No. I don't pound a handle of Taaka and grab a mop.

At least once a week, I mop/sweep/vacuum/dust/scrub/disinfect/wash everything. I like to clean, and I realllllly love to vacuum. I don't know why. Sometimes, I open the windows, put on a good playlist and really just get down to it. Every so often, under the influence of a full moon (not really, but let's pretend) I lose control. I have literally woken up and been on hands and knees in my bathroom scrubbing stubborn grout between tiles. I don't know how it happens, but it does. I have likely inhaled highly toxic levels of bleach/cleaning product.

I seriously feel like this sometimes. SO.VERY.CLEAN&HAPPY. ( source )

I seriously feel like this sometimes. SO.VERY.CLEAN&HAPPY. (source)

So in the spirit of spring cleaning, I did that this week. It was the day of the chicken roasting and the mirror hanging. The chicken was cooked, the mirror wasn't hung, and I had a schnazzy new vacuum my Mama let me borrow to Spring Clean. 

Well, it started with being absolutely certain my kitchen was a Salmonella/Shigella free. (What is Shigella? Google it. Or don't. I had it when I was wee, and apparently I almost died. Serious). 

First came the sweeping, a gentle flick of the mop, dusting, then the common vacuuming; then I literally woke up and had the little special vacuum nozzle on and had my bed in the middle of the room and was vacuuming floorboards. How does this happen? But my apartment is now clean? Sigh. #neatfreakproblems

Do you have any Spring Cleaning quirks? Tips? Tricks? Holla, and a very merry Spring Cleaning to you, my amigos.