Weekend Whatchamacallits

Amigos! Pardon the hiatus, but I've kind of decided that weekend posts are for the birds. I'd like to keep the weekends free for people to go outside, smell the roses (don't inhale too much pollen) and disconnect a little from the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter worlds. 

That being said, I had a superb weekend. Lots to catch y'all up on. 

For starters, Friday night I really just wanted to chillax and have some vino with amigos, and that's exactly what (kind of) happened. We grilled out and stuffed our faces with fresh tuna sliders, all kinds of salads, grilled veggies, cheese, burgers and some special apps made by my friend who has recently been crowned one of Houston's hot up and coming chefs. (Stay tuned for an exclusive interview!)

We started out being normal 20/30 somethings and then once the drinks started flowing, we got a little goofier. We got a little game of catchphrase going, then the flip cup started, then next thing you know, we're all gathered around the TV in the living room playing with Apple TV and playing music videos... One of our friends was particularly inspired to hear a certain song... I'll give you one guess. 

Yep. This happened. CARELESS WHISPERS. 

Yep. This happened. CARELESS WHISPERS. 

So that happened. What you're never ended a Friday night like that? You're missing out.

Saturday morning I bounced out of bed to IAH to pick up MainSqueeze from a business trip. We decided we wanted to bust out our bicycles and enjoy the Springtime weather. 4 hours later, our bikes were ready. I don't even want to talk about how this happened, but all I'll say is that it involved the kind folks over at Bicycle World, some failed attempts at repairing a tire in the Academy parking lot, rubber cement, some expletives, and FINALLY we were ready to rock. 

Tour de Houston was so fun. We spent the rest of the weekend on bikes pretty much. We biked to LowBrow, West Alabama Ice House, Lizzard's and then ended the night with dinner at the new Pico's. I personally prefer the original (and yes, I realize how bratty that sounds, but it's just the truth!)

Sunday, we biked to Brick & Spoon for brunch. Amazing bike ride and great brunch. We snagged a table at the bar to avoid the wait, and were greeted by a very enthusiastic bar staff. I went for an Irish Coffee and the "American Breakfast" and MainSqueeze got the Cajun Omelette and the biggest Bloody Mary I've ever seen. His omelette was #NomCity and the roasted corn grits were the highlight of my meal.

Post brunch, we biked around the Menil Collection, then headed to watch the Master's at Jackson's Watering Hole. We got a bit stir crazy and wound up biking to Boheme (one of my favorites) for super Sunday happy hour, which involved champers and a delightful corner booth in a garden-like atmosphere. We even made a lizard friend. After mimosas, we headed BACK to West Alabama to see Bubba Watson clinch the victory. WHAT.A.DAY. 

Utter delight.

Utter delight.

Sunday night was finished off with some delightful seafood pasta from Ruggles Green and a Game of Thrones episode so exciting/WILD that I just can't even begin to tell you about. 

Phew. All that biking and adrenaline from Game of Thrones had me NOT ready to face Monday. Oh yeah and this weather? NOT ok.