Meyer Lemon Red Snapper

Buenos Dias amigos! Hopefully this weather hasn't forced you into hibernation. It almost got the best of me this morning, especially since I've stored away the majority of my winter clothing. 

Is it just me, or did Easter sneak up on us? I can't even understand how it's already here. However, if it means summer is around the corner, then SIGN.ME.UP. 

In the springy spirit of things, I'm going to share with you a delightful light and fresh springtime recipe. 

A couple weeks ago, Central Meerkat was running a special on freshly caught Redfish. I took advantage of this and headed home on my merry way with the following ingredients for 


Thangs you need:

- Non-stick pan for pan searing your fish

-2 Meyer lemons

-Salt & Pepper to taste

-Olive Oil

-Any herb you'd like to add on, I usually would go with some Dill here, but I couldn't find fresh Dill so I went naked and herbless

-2 bags of baby Spinach

-Coconut oil for cooking your spinach (I'm really into coconut oil for cooking nowadays. I totally get that some people hate the taste, but I think it pairs really nicely with certain ingredients)


-Rinse off your fish filets, pat dry, and season well with salt, pepper, herbs. Drizzle a bit of olive oil on top and get ready to drop it in the pan. 

-On medium heat, put your fish in the pan, I usually go 2 minutes on each side, during the final minute or so, I add the juice of 1 Meyer lemon to finish it off. Put your fish aside and let it rest. 

-In another pan, heat to medium, add about a tablespoon of coconut oil, and then add your spinach greens. Sprinkle with salt and the juice of the 2nd Meyer Lemon and let the spinach wilt, don't overcook it or it'll be a soggy mess. 

-Aaaaaand you're done. HOW.EASY.WAS.THAT.

The finished product. #nomcity

The finished product. #nomcity

And there you have it, a quick and easy, healthy springtime recipe to put some spring in your step. 

Later this week/tomorrow you get to hear about how I totally fan-girled at the St. Paul & The Broken Bones concert, Easter happenings and weekend adventures. Until then, stay warm and keep your chin up; warm weather is near! (hopefully. don't quote me.)