BLT&A, Kitten Mittens and Slow Country L-I-V-I-N

Since we're still getting acquainted, there are some things you'll need to know about me. For instance...

1.) I am a self proclaimed foodie. I love food, cooking it, finding new foods and tasting all the foods. 

2.) I love music. But not in an "oh I turn on the jams sometimes"  kind of way. It's like oxygen to me. Ask my friends.

3.) I have a quirky sense of humor. And by that, I mean sometimes I'm the only one laughing at my quips, jokes and sarcasms....You might say this means I'm just not funny. You are mean.

4.) I like outside things. I like being outside, sleeping outside (if I can and there are no roaches) and if I'm ever at a restaurant and it's not freezing/pouring, I'll be sitting outside. I grew up playing outside and still am under the impression that I can whisper to forest animals. 

That being said. This post highlights some of my favorite things. Food. Quirk. Music. OutsideTimes.


My main squeeze and I had an afternoon birthday party (that's being civilized. It was actually a St. Patty's themed bar crawl that involved wrestling...of the midget kind, but I'm not 24 anymore so we call it an 'afternoon birthday party') So we decided to grab a quick nom before the party. 

Mr. MainSqueeze is a sandwich aficionado. I mean, I used to think I loved sandwiches more than the average bear, but this man takes the cake. So we headed to RELISH because I lovelovelove their chicken salad sammies, and MainSqueeze hadn't tried this place yet. 

Of course, being the adventuresome duo that we are, neither ordered the chicken salad. He got an amazing turkey panini with everything but the kitchen sink in it, and I opted for the BLT&A (get your mind outta the gutter folks, it's just avocado).  

This BLT&A was nomtastic. Juicy beefsteak tomatoes for dayyyys, a zesto pesto mayo, crispy cruncy bacon, and creamy smooth avocado. #NomCity. We also split the tomato basil soup that was delightful (but apparently they aren't making it anymore!)

Verdict: RELISH is bomb. Go. like now. 


MainSqueeze and I are music-heads. We met at a concert, we play instruments, and our Spotify libraries are bountiful. The week before #NomCity at RELISH, we went to the THE WHEELER BROTHERS concert at Fitzgerald's (one of my fave venues for live music in H-town). This band was so fun to see live, and we actually got to eat late night nomz with the lead singer which was pretty cool. ANYWAY, go check them out. My fave tunes by them are "You Got A Lot Of Love" and "Call Me In The Morning". 


After the show and late night nomz, MainSqueeze and I got back to the truck and someone had let the bed down, and thrown a bunch of t-shirts and CD's in the back. We awkwardly tried to see if anyone had misplaced them, and decided since it was pouring rain, we should put the stuff in the car and scoot home. We basically ended up with 6 t-shirts and 2 CD's. #SCORE

The Wheeler Bros. t-shirt was a large, thus not my size, thus MainSqueeze claimed it. And there comes KittenMittens.

Those would be St. Patty's beads worn for the "daytime Birthday bash"

Those would be St. Patty's beads worn for the "daytime Birthday bash"

Yes, I'm jealous because I want this shirt realbad. But MainSqueeze rocked it well, so I shan't complain. Technically, it's Kitten in Boots, but KittenMittens is way more fun to say.  Moral of the story: Wheeler Bros rock and so do their t-shirts. (Also, THANK YOU to whoever left those treats in the truck bed! We'd pay you but we don't know who you are!)

Slow Country L-I-V-I-N:

Last weekend I got to spend the weekend in Luling and New Braunfels, TX which means LOTS of outdoor time. Which means I WAS SO HAPPY/EXCITED ALL THE TIME. Now if only the weather would perk up so I can work on my non-existent tan. I'm literally see through. Vampire level pale-ness. BUT, the Texas wildflowers are out to play, which means #photoshoot time. And here are some for your viewing pleasure. 

Luling City Market. MOST.AMAZING.RIBS. and potato salad. #NomCity. 

Luling City Market. MOST.AMAZING.RIBS. and potato salad. #NomCity. 

Texas Bluebonnets. Natural beauties.

Texas Bluebonnets. Natural beauties.

Yes. We were thisclose. This is a beautiful baby longhorn who would not let me whisper to her because she was hungry and just wanted some nomz. 

Yes. We were thisclose. This is a beautiful baby longhorn who would not let me whisper to her because she was hungry and just wanted some nomz.