Broken Bones

Feliz Friday folks! It's finally here, TGIF. But guess what's not here? Awesome weather. I am stuhh-ruggling to resist hibernation every morning because, who wants to get up when it's nasty, cold, rainy and just gross? Not I, my friends. These are the days of our lives.

Anyway, it's still Friday so that's the important part, right?


So, 2 things. 

1.) In 2 weeks, my new pet band, St. Paul & The Broken Bones will be coming atcha live. Contain yourselves. Blow your mind type sounds. Think covers of Otis Redding, funky soulful grooves, and vocals you don't hear too often. Check out Garden & Gun's article and video of their big song "Call Me". And go to the concert. I will obvi be there. April 9th @ Continental Club

2.) All my life, and especially growing up, I have been a little bit of a 'sporty spice'. Cheerleading (fractured vertebrae) Volleyball (2x partial meniscus tears and permanent creaky crunchy sounds) Track, Swimming and lots o' running. In a few months, I'm headed out to sunny San Diego to run the rock n' roll 1/2 marathon with some amigos. 

Houston, we have a problem. Mid July, I was on an extra hot run outside in Upper Kirby where there are NEVER potholes, uneven sidewalks or random sand traps. (HEAVY sarcasm here folks). It was rush hour, it was hot, and I was a block from my house when I decided to break into a full sprint. And then....I tripped, and caught myself with my cat-like reflexes. Only to trip again and 1,000% eat it. In front of like 4798 cars. I one-legged hopped home, and burst into tears. My ever faithful canine companion jumped into my lap and we cried together. 

Fast forward. Urgent Care Center. Scary doctors. Level 3 sprain and crutches, followed by a boot. For 2 months. Murder. 

I don't have yellow knees, that's iodine. 

I don't have yellow knees, that's iodine. 

The joys and wonders of snapchat.  Swelling is no fun.

The joys and wonders of snapchat.  Swelling is no fun.

SO that happened. Now I've been running and the 'ole ankle is acting up. So send some good vibes, and I'd love to hear

1.) Favorite spots to run in Houston.

2.) Favorite Orthopedic Surgeon

3.) Running tips n' tricks

That's all for now, stay tuned for the next episode which will feature some Sizzle home cookin'. 

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