First is the worst...

You know the feeling. It grips your lungs, your muscles tense, and usually (on my end at least) you emit a high pitched squeal as you anticipate jumping into a pool for the first time. And it's not heated. That's how I feel writing the first post on TheSizzle. 

Inner Monologue:

"Just write the darn thing, it won't write itself, and you look silly just having an "about" and "contact" section. WHO is going to want to know about you or contact you if there's nothing to read?" 

Sigh. Get up from computer and maybe stretch, maybe walk around my huge (read:tiny) apartment and contemplate the weather. 

"Fine. I'll start writing, but....what if no one reads it?"

And there you have it. My hot pink elephant in the room. The fear. But you know what? I'm over it. Bring on the hot pink elephant. TheSizzle is ready to rock n' roll and in the next few weeks there will be an onslaught of posts and fun things for you to feast your eyes on. So get ready. And in the meantime tackle your own pink elephant. I promise it's not that scary. Swears.