B&B Butchers HFBC Dinner

Aloha Amigos!

Lots to report from SizzleLand, we've been super busy working on some new stuff and excited to share food, recipes, reviews and travel reviews. First on the list was the lovely tasting menu I got to try at the new B&B Butchers off Washington Avenue. 

I'm usually wary of anything on Washington as I associate it with Ed Hardy, men with lots of hair gel and wayyyy too much Forever 21. HOWEVER, Washington's East Side seems to be growing up  bit lately, trading in the A|X Exchange t-shirts for a fresh crisp white shirt (always classy). 

ANYWHO. I arrived late and missed the appetizers, but here is a shot of the menu we had that night. While the wine list wasn't as extensive as I hoped, I settled for an Italian Red that was mild and paired well with everything. 

B&B Butchers tasting menu

Everything was served family style, and I think some people are still catching on, as I didn't get to try the roasted salmon. 

TheSizzle is picky, we're not gonna lie. You will VERY seldom see me order salmon/chicken at a restaurant, so trying the chicken was not so exciting for me. However, the lemon beurre blanc sauce it came with was delightful and the chicken was not overcooked, phew! The Chicken Fried Pork Chop was a bit dry for me, but the presentation was a lot of fun, so points for that. 

The sides were typical of what you'd find in a steak heavy restaurant. My favorite was the pommes puree, nothing too fancy, which is fine in my book. The classic creamed spinach was good, but could've used a little punch; a little too much cream IMO. My least favorite was the mac & Cheese, for several reasons. 

-I am a purist. If I see mac&cheese, I think of exactly that, no panko crumbs, no bacon, just plain beautiful cheesy, creamy mac&cheese. My tastebuds were so so excited, but they were pummeled by overwhelming truffle and rubbery mushrooms that I was not expecting whatsoever. 

-I can do truffled mac, but I need a heads up. This mac could've been amazing, the base idea was good, but adding mushrooms and an obscene amount of truffle oil made me take one bite and leave it. Sorry B&B, no hard feelings. 

The star of the show was the sliced filet. I am a meat freak. If it's overcooked or tough, stringy or a bad cut, then I am not a happy camper. This cut of meat was phenomenal, fork tender, and perfectly cooked. I swooped in and ate what people left on the plate, no sauce was necessary, the meat spoke volumes in and of itself. 5 stars here, and I'll be back for that!

Filet, mashed potates, creamed spinach and truffled mac&cheese

Filet, mashed potates, creamed spinach and truffled mac&cheese

I know I went out of order with the photos and showed you dessert before dinner (gasp!) but....sometimes ya gotta break the rules. 

Dessert was nice, a safe cheesecake that was just right, carrot cake that was surprisingly not too sweet and not dry and then my personal favorite, the open faced ice cream sandwiches. WhatEVER that chocolate cookie was made of, I need that. Again. Multiple times. So good. 

All in all, B&B has a lot of potential to please, especially if you're a red meat fiend. The space is simple, but charming, well lit and tastefully decorated. The outside patio is nice and will be great once Houston is not the same temperature as the 7th circle of hell. A nice view of Downtown is a fun treat if you snag the right table. 

I will go back for meat. For sure, and that chocolate cookie, YES. I'm glad I got to taste it, and thank you many many times to B&B for having us and treating us to a fun night out! Now go on over there and see for yourselves! I want to know what others think!

That's all for now my friends, stay tuned for some bomb.com recipes!