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Bonjuor Sizzlers!

I am officially back in action! We are back from the Honeymoon feeling refreshed and revitalized! I can't wait to share honeymoon photos, wedding photos and all the amazing eats we've had along the way. I will also reveal my final thoughts on the Squeezed Juice Cleanse, and share my favorite new recipes. 

Tomorrow I am headed to B&B Butcher and Restaurant for a dinner to check out the new spot! I will definitely let y'all know how it goes! 

For now, I will share one of my favorite "wind down" recipes, not to be confused with "wine down" which is also a preferred method of relaxation around these parts. In my efforts to get back in shape and eat clean, I'm trying to only drink alcohol on the weekends. While it's tough not reaching for a glass of delicious red on a particularly rough Tuesday, I am always partial to a delicious cuppa. 

As we speak, my house is filled with the aroma of green curry (recipe to come) and fresh grated ginger tea. Mmmmmmm yes. 



1 knob ginger, peeled

Purified drinking water. I'm a brat and can't drink from the tap.

Honey (if you want to add a touch of sweetness) 


There are 2 methods that I prefer. For a milder tea, or if you've just begun your adventures into ginger flavor, simply slice the knob of ginger into thin rounds. If you prefer a stronger ginger flavor and really want a kick, grate your ginger. I was so lucky to get an amazing ceramic ginger grater (link here) as a wedding gift and I love using it. 

Grab your favorite tea pot or any old pot to boil water in. I typically use 2-3 cups of water to have some leftover tea that I can refrigerate to drink hot or cold later. Add your ginger, and bring it to a full boil, let it roll for a minute or so and then turn the heat down to barely a simmer. 

I let mine simmer for 20 minutes since I like all the ginger goodness to really infuse itself into the water. Pour your portion into a cup, add honey or lemon or drink plain. Refrigerate the remaining tea and drink it later with honey and lemon for a delish ginger lemonade or reheat it for another warming cup. 


I'm no Dr. but I know ginger has an expansive array of health benefits. This tea, served hot with honey and lemon is a Godsend when you're down with the sniffles, as it warms your body and can help you sweat out the junk. Ginger is also notorious for helping nausea and morning sickness, indigestion and upset stomach. As I've mentioned before, my stomach is constantly giving me grief, so I always keep fresh ginger on hand. The ONLY risk I've ever heard of associated with drinking concentrated ginger tea is that it can cause elevated blood pressure in people who already experience arrhythmia or high blood pressure. Don't quote me on that, but as always, please consult your Doc before you go doing anything craycray. 

I hope this teatime recipe has you reaching for the kettle! Stay tuned for my review on B&B Butcher and my insanely "lick the pot" delicious green curry!

Love you. Mean it.