A loss...

Hearing about the world's tragic loss of Anthony Bourdain today reminded me that fear and worry, doubt and the demons that run rampant in our minds can quite literally extinguish our desire to move on.

I don't have photos with Bourdain, nor did I ever meet him, but I met him in his books, watching his shows and living for his Twitter feed that always kept things interesting. He was one of the "food gods" that I truly felt touched the lives of those who admired him. He was personable, inspiring, real.

Anthony Bourdain was one of the food writers I wanted to be like. He was unapologetically himself, unaffected by how many stars were on the wall, how many "notes" and "hints", "whispers" and "subtleties" lied in a dish, rather he dove in head-first and gave his own opinion, sparing no one. 

The world will miss everything about him. I will miss him. 

In the coming weeks, a new journey will begin for me. Motherhood. I was inspired the other day to write about this journey, and to encourage others to create community about their experiences. No one should feel alone, and while we can "should" our way through life and walk down the road paved with the sad realities that "should" still leaves behind; we can start within ourselves. 

My heart goes out to Bourdain's family and friends, and to the others like myself who "knew" his spirit. We won't forget.