The Sizzle Series: INTRO

Good day Sizzlers, and welcome to 2016. Hopefully this year brings you plenty of everything you wish and work for! 2016 is going to be big here at the Sizzle both professionally and personally. I can't wait to share with you all that we have in store!

First of all, I spent some of my Holiday time re-thinking and re-"crafting" TheSizzle. I realized that by limiting my content to only certain subjects, I was limiting myself, and that's no good! 2016 will be all about taking risks, not being scared and pushing yourself. Either way, I hope this year serves you well. 

First up on the agenda for 2016 is a "Sizzle Series" where I will dish and spill my recs and ideas regarding various life areas. Obviously there will be plenty of food, but there will also be some new fun areas I haven't really covered in the past. 

As always, I'm so so open to suggestions and welcome any and all matter of opinion and further recommendation from my lovely audience. 

If you guys want to know more about a Sizzle Series, feel free to email us, tweet, tag us on Insta or reach out via Facebook; I'm all ears/eyes. 

And with that being said, part 1 of #TheSizzleSeries begins!