Doggie Bags & Breakfast for Dinner

It's almost the end of the week!! Which means my trip is sosososoclose. 

So I'm not sure about y'all but I love the occasional breakfast for dinner. Because sometimes after a long day, I don't feel much like cooking, and breakfast food has a sort of comfort to it. Last night, I hovered over the kitchen sink wolfing down a sweet potato for dinner. #pathetic. However my appetite was a little skimpy since I had just come from a yoga class where the girl next to me dislocated her shoulder (poor thing). I'm a tad squeamish so this was rather off-putting. 

A few weeks ago, I had a near empty fridge, some delicious whole grain bread, an avocado and some eggs. And while I know this is such a simple combo, it was just what I needed. Perfect dinner, not too much, not too little. I toasted my bread, scrambled my eggs with Celtic Sea Salt and a dash of fresh cracked pepper and sliced an avocado. I had a little bit of leftover green salsa, and voila....dinner was served. 

avocado egg toast with green salsa

So if you're stumped on dinner, low on provisions or just not in the mood to put together a feast; look no further than some ole' fashioned eggs n' bacon. 


Doggie bags. Or rather, dogs in bags. 

Meet Sushi, my living and breathing stuffed animal. 

Meet Sushi, my living and breathing stuffed animal. 

I'm a firm believer that if you have a well behaved dog and you're a good dog parent, you should be allowed to take said dog with you to human establishments. Sushi (my dog pictured above) is a great companion. She never complains, always is happy to see you and knows her table manners. I honestly can't say I've ever heard her bark in public. So, she's a perfect candidate. 

She's also recently become a huge fan of the "puppy latte" at Starbucks. I know. I've created a monster. 

Have a great weekend y'all, stay cool, stay fun and come on back later on for more #nomz, recipes and adventures.