I'm sorry. Lo siento. Je suis tres désolé.

Sizzlers. I don't even know where to begin. I have been so MIA that it's not even funny. Trust me, my heart strings have been pining for some Sizzle, and things have finally (somewhat) settled down enough for me to post! 

Last time we talked I was in the airport headed to Honolulu. I have eaten delicious things, seen amazing sights, run 13.1 miles and taken PLENTY of pics for your viewing delight. 

And so it begins. But first I had a spa day at the Trellis spa at the Houstonian. I had a credit there that I had been hoarding so I decided what more could prepare me for a long flight than a massage, lunch on the terrace, mani/pedi and a little peace and quiet. 

Trellis spa. 

Trellis spa. 

Ladies & Gentlemen... if you're looking to splurge on a spa day, this is worth the cash. Excellent customer service, immaculate facilities and fabulous services. Highly recommend. 


I was greeted by MainSqueeze with a beautiful orchid lei, big hugs, joyful tears (I know, I know, but I'm secretly a total softie) and a huge appetite. I have an odd habit of not eating too much while I travel, so after an almost 8 hour flight, I was FAMISHED. 

MainSqueeze had been in Hawaii for almost a month, so he had been exploring the sights and tastes and staking out spots worth trying. One of his favorites was Ono Seafood and Takeaway near Waikiki. 

Hole in the wall. Standing room only to order and literally, take out. There are two picnic tables out front and that's all folks. But that is NOT all in terms of flaaaaava. Wow. 

Poke for days. Spicy ahi and octopus. #nomcity

Poke for days. Spicy ahi and octopus. #nomcity

Holy tuna. There are several flavor combos to choose from, and all they offer is ahi (tuna) and octopus served on white or brown rice. I can't even explain how delightfully fresh and tender the tuna was. un.real folks. 

I inhaled it. I almost regretted being so hungry because I feel like I didn't get the full experience. So we obviously went back a few days later because, duh. 

So now, ahi is kind of ruined for me. I haven't had any since my trip, and I'm afraid I won't be able to find anything close to it here.... Does that mean I need to try it again? Certainly. 

So, chew on that. And get ready to feast your eyes on one of my top 3 favorite meals in my life (plus the company wasn't too bad) Next up is our "omakase" style dinner at Sasabune. Sushi.HEAVEN. 

So, for now, tell me where to find velvety fresh tuna in Houston and I will repay you with sushi pics. In the meantime I shall hold them hostage. But not really, because I can't wait to share. 

So long and so sorry for my hiatus!