Vacation(s) and Re-Appearances?

Hola. Bonjour. Ciao. 

Guess what? TheSizzle isn't dead. We've just been:

a.) caught in a glass cage of emotion?

b.) caught in a whirlwind of boxes, trashbags, movers and departures?

c.) literally playing "guess what's in this box" to pick outfits for the past 4 days and therefore  dressed like a Container Store employee (sans the apron) today and is pretty embarassed about it?

d.) all of the above

e.) b&c, a was just fun because who doesn't love a casual Ron B. reference?

So, E. 

Between coming back from Hawaii/San Diego/Florida, moving MainSqueeze to Hawaii and then moving myself out of my apartment, things have been a little...cray? However, I'm (almost) back and better than ever! I have some new features coming up and lots of food/music/interviews. Get excited. 

In the meantime, hold tight, let me unpack s'more and I'll be back with a vengeance. Promise.