Amiga Dinner and a Recipe that's #Droolworthy

Amigos! It's been too too long! Sorry for the lack of posting but I'm gearing up for this trip and avoiding training for the half marathon...Oops. 

Lots to come this week! I leave for my big trip this Friday, but I'm still not telling you where. I'll leave some hints on the Twitter (@sizzlehouston) and Insta (@thesizzlehouston) and drop some teeny ones in my next few posts, bien?

So last week I had the girls over for dinner and we did a potluck sort of thang. I made a garden salad and used my special Balsamic vinegar that I brought over from Italy. (I hoard this stuff, so you know you're special if you get some!) Other treats involved amazing grilled cheese sandwiches on fresh sourdough with freshly sliced tomatoes and the most amazing watermelon/cucumber salad. I shall share the recipe. 



So the watermelon salad is easy as pie to make, super healthy and tastes like magic. You dice equal quantities of watermelon and cucumber, chop 1-2 jalapeños, add juice of 1 lime, 1TB olive oil, a handful of roughly chopped cilantro, mix it up realllll good, then sprinkle crumbled feta on top. VOILA. That easy my friends. 


I went to Common Bond. FINALLY. It was a soft opening and they ran out of lunch items but I had a cookie and OJ and it was magical. They officially open tomorrow. I dare you...

I have a new fave #vietNOMese food place in Downtown and I'll post my pics and reviews this week! 

Did I mention I swim off on Friday? I'm joining MainSqueeze. I'm excited. You should be too. 

Ok, I'm off to cram 10 days of work into 3... but I shall be back tomorrow!

Peace out girl scouts.