#TBT but not really...

Today is one of those Thursdays that really really really  feels like a Friday. And those are the most painful. Now, I know Thursdays are when you're supposed to get down with the #TBT's and what not, so I'm doing a hybrid #TBT/music post. Because it's a Thursday/Friday kinda day....Fursday? Thriday? I digress...

Tonight I'm going to McGonigel's Mucky Duck to see Folk Family Revival. I had the pleasure of seeing them way back last fall after the first UT football game of the season against NM State. While I always will remain a stalwart SEC fan, (Go 'Dores) I will forever root for Texas (FIIIGHT!) 

Horns up y'all. 

Horns up y'all. 

After securing the win, MainSqueeze and I headed to Cheatham Street to catch a show. Folk Family totally brought it. They sounded great live, and I highly highly recommend catching them live tonight. After reading a short bio about them, I learned that they are avid squirrel hunters, so what's not to love? 

Grab some amigos and head on out tonight. After all, it IS Thriday right? Tomorrow on TheSizzle, it will be 'Meathead Friday'. A combo of workout skillz and how to cook a sexy steak.

Y'all have been AWFULLY quiet. Leave your comments and tell me what you think!